Minecraft Review (3/10) Twilight forest mod

Hey guys and welcome back  to MINECRAFT REVIEW! So this time I am doing a favorite mod of mine called the Twilight forest mod. What you do is make a 2×2 square in the ground and completely fill it with water. Then, put plants like saplings,  flowers, or mushrooms around the square, and throw a diamond into the square. Then a bolt of lightning should hit the pool of water. The water will turn purple; then jump in. When I throw the diamond I say, “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!” But anyways, back on track. When you get to the Twilight forest, it is HUGE! I have some rules for you.If you have timber mod, DO NOT CUT DOWN THE INCREDIBLY LARGE TREES WITH THE DOTS ON THEM THEY WILL CRASH YOUR GAME!!!

Now, there are also bosses. There’s the Naga, a incredibly large snake and you have to hit all of it’s body parts for it to die, and don’t forget my favorite: the hydra! This guy is really hard to beat. He can grow 4 heads, regenerate health, shoot fireballs, and breath fire! Luckily, I know some guys that did a hilarious fight to kill the hydra. One guy was able to get the hydra to make a big enough crater for it to get stuck in. Another guy fought it by spawning TNT over the hydra so many times, we just kept laughing. The best way to defeat the hydra is to cover up any pools of lava, have lots of potions of fire resistance, strong swords, and armor. Also, there’s another boss that has a body of a mushroom and the rest is a man. He is pretty hard, but I heard rumors of him. I never really see him. Well, that is all for now.  Next time we will do more minecraft and possibly a new review. Till next time, SEE YA!

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